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Thank you for visiting Printedpromotionalumbrellas.co.uk! You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got an extensive range of umbrellas that can satisfy the demands and needs of the UK promotional market.

We realise the marketing benefits of printed promotional umbrellas and put our best efforts in making them the supreme promotional item choice. We take pride of our dedicated team of creative experts that ensure these branded products are well designed to fulfil their awe-inspiring key aspects.

First in the list is usefulness. Of course, we made these promotional umbrellas in a way that they serve their prime purpose. They are used often, several times a week. People rely on them rain or shine—protection against the sun and other difficult weather conditions. When you take their practicality to your advantage, your business gets a relative amount of brand recognition and exposure.

Another amazing attribute of umbrellas is their long-life use. They can be kept for a long time and be used over and over again. Over the course of years, these personalised products will be seen by hundreds of people in different places. This is because they are handy enough to carry on weekend trips, picnics and travels. No wonder why businesses consider printed promotional umbrellas as a fantastic branding option.

The fact that umbrellas are useful and versatile make them a perfect marketing and branding tool. These two key aspects lead to the third benefit: lasting impression. If umbrellas are quality made, they can last for years. This means that your brand and marketing or promotional message receives some major longevity in the market, unlike other imprinted items that last only for a few months or more.

Lastly, promotional umbrellas are highly visible. They are colourful and big enough to be noticed in the crowd. They have a large printing space, allowing for an impeccably etched corporate logo. Every time recipients use them, your company name captures the attention of many passerby and onlookers. Plus, such umbrellas serve as a mobile advertiser of your brand, which gives you more chances of reaching a wider customer base.

At printedpromotionalumbrellas.co.uk, we provide bespoke and customised promotional umbrellas that deliver these exciting benefits at full blast. Whatever your specific branding needs are, we make sure that you get superior quality imprinted umbrellas that can withstand not just extreme weather conditions, but also tough competitions.

If you’re having a hard time in choosing the best item in our vast selection of printed promotional umbrellas, below is a quick run through on each product from our umbrella line.

By far the most popular promotional umbrella we supply is branded golf umbrellas. These umbrellas are equipped with a large canopy, which can also take screen printing or full-colour/panel printing. Meaning, you can imprint your umbrella with your logo and company details. When the rain starts or sun strikes while hitting the green or golf course, they can keep your corporate golf event kicking, while at the same time advertising your company name.

We also offer promotional walking umbrellas that can suffice as a freebie and giveaway to your valued clients and staffs. Recipients would act as your walking advertisements every time they open up your umbrella on the way to public transport areas and other places. This selection features aluminium walking umbrellas, seat stick umbrellas, PVC dome umbrellas, and rainbow-styled printed promotional umbrellas, to name a few.

If you want something more light and handy, you can check out our line of custom telescopic umbrellas. They are small enough to the point that they can even fit in a pocket, handbag or briefcase. This type of umbrella is ideal for both men and women who feel uneasy when carrying a large umbrella while they’re dressed up. So if you think your intended recipient belong to this kind of audience, this is the best umbrella choice for them.

Short on marketing funds but still want to invest on branded umbrellas? Our budget umbrellas are the solution to your problem! They might be less expensive than other umbrellas, but their value and quality are unparalleled. Their ability to provide owners with protection from pouring rain or shining sun is also beyond unimaginable.  

We also boast of our personalised spectrum umbrellas, which offer unmatched quality and maximum protection against different weather conditions. They are fashioned with a huge print area, allowing more room to impress your target market. These branded umbrellas come with a vast array of handles from wooden to quality rubber grips, as well as varied canopy and panel colours.
The last item in our umbrella line are printed parasols. These large-sized umbrellas are great for outdoor marketing events. If you’re planning for open air corporate activities and worrying about a sudden rain or extreme heat, parasols can be highly relied on. They don’t just make your hosted event memorable but also help increase awareness towards your brand.

All of these bespoke umbrellas have a distinct strength as a promotional product. They come in helpful for either your clients or staff the next time they come into a downpour. Plus, they also offer a bigger branding area, allowing for a visual and noticeable sight of your company name or logo.
Of course, Printedpromotionalumbrellas.co.uk offers an option to have these branded umbrellas printed with your company logo or design on the panels. We can also produce prints on the closing strap and on the cuff case to match the promo umbrella. Additionally, we can place laser stickers or laser-engraved logo on the handles.

We have over 20 years of experience in the promotional merchandise industry. This means your branding needs are dealt with quality and professionalism. Our team makes sure that all purchases of printed promotional umbrellas run smoothly from the moment you place the order to when you run your event.

Contact us at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 today and we’ll be glad to assist you in all your specific promotional needs. You can also visit our personalisation method page to learn more about out the types of print we offer on umbrellas.


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