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Travelmate Camper Golf-Beach

Use as a normal golf umbrella then convert to a parasol on the beach or camping

Aluminium Square Parasol

Square canopy version of our Aluminium Parasols

Parasol 180/8

Standard parasols with your logo

Camper Oversize Golf-/Beach

Use as a normal golf umbrella then convert to a parasol on the beach or camping


Printed Promotional Parasols

At Printedpromotionalumbrellas.co.uk, we don’t only supply walking and golf umbrellas but also provide promotional parasols. These large-sized umbrellas are great for outdoor marketing and promotional events. If you’re planning for open air corporate activities and worrying about a sudden rain or extreme heat, parasols can be highly relied on. They don’t just make your hosted event memorable but also help increase awareness towards your brand. This parasol section features wooden garden parasol, aluminium square parasol, and camper oversize beach parasol, among others. We also have plastic parasol stand, which can be filled with water or sand. Our imprinted parasols can take full-colour printing, one colour or whatever suits your taste. We make sure that these promotional parasols will shelter your customers from any kind of weather, while at the same leaving your brand with a positive impression. We can also have your logo and company information imprinted on the panels to remind the customers that you have made the effort to look after them and protect them from whatever weather it might be. If you think these promotional parasols are a fit to your specific marketing needs, then feel free to contact us at any time of your convenience. For inquiries and same day quotes, give us a call at 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500.

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