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Telescopic Umbrellas

Safebrella-LED Automatic Mini

Special coated plastic handle in black with silver push button and integrated LED light

Stormmaster Woodlook Mini

Automatic opening/closing with the push button and wooden look handle

Safebrella Mini

Reflective Material panel corners and exclusive ergonomic handle

Best Selling
Urban Curve Umbrella

Comes with a three section canopy

Express Delivery
Unisex Folding Umbrella

One of our best selling telescopics

Express Delivery
Express Delivery
Express Delivery
Telematic Umbrella

Push button opening and closing

Express Delivery

Printed Promotional Telescopic Umbrellas

If you want an umbrella that’s light and handy, the best option would be promotional telescopic umbrellas. They are small enough to the point that they can even fit in a pocket, handbag or briefcase and usually come with a sleeve that can be etched with your logo. This type of umbrella is ideal for both men and women who feel uneasy when carrying a large umbrella while they’re dressed up. So if you think your intended recipient belong to this kind of audience, this is the perfect umbrella choice for them. Printedpromotionalumbrellas.co.uk has a comprehensive line of promotional telescopic umbrellas. We provide options to either print on the canopy, strap, and sleeve. We can also imprint logo on the handle using laser engraving or a dome decal sticker. Among the many options to choose from are Eco Tele umbrella, Boxed Brolly umbrella, Minivent umbrella, Jumbomagic Wind mini umbrella, and Tubes Telescopic umbrella, to name a few. All of them can be customised in a way that matches up to your brand for a more perceived recognition and exposure! Excited to make these promotional telescopic umbrellas a part of your marketing strategy? Contact us 0207 101 0722 or 0161 875 2500 and we’ll be happy to accommodate your brand’s specific needs.

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