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Printed Umbrellas are very functional products that make great promotional items, and given the amount of rain in the UK it’s no real surprise that they are one of the top promotional items! These items are a must have for your next outdoor event, as they keep the bad British weather from putting a dampener on your day out and keep you singing in the rain!

Printed Umbrellas come in helpful for either your clients or staff next time they come into a downpour and turn them into your very own walking billboards when your logo is printed! If your office is located in an area away from public transport then it makes a great gift to your staff members that don’t have their own cars and may run the risk of getting soaked before getting to the office.

Not only will a gift of a printed umbrella work for you when your staff are coming to and from work, but they may also use it in their personal time. This means a simple gift that is given away becomes so much more, while your staff or clients will be grateful of the kind gesture, they will also be going out in their everyday travels promoting you without even realising it.

One of our recent clients used their umbrellas in a serviced office building which were both used and seen by other companies within the building. It turned out that several other companies in their building loved the idea and called us to order some printed promotional umbrellas for themselves. This is a great example of how impressive printed promotional umbrellas with your logo are; promo umbrellas personalised with your logo can really get people talking about your brand.

If you are holding a golf event then it is worth seeking out a sturdier golf umbrella. These will really help your event look professional, rain or shine. Golf umbrellas tend to be a little tougher and you can even now buy umbrellas which fit directly to stands on your golfing trolleys.

As printed promotional items go, there is no bigger branding area and visual than the site of your logo printed on a promotional umbrella. One of the most popular sizes is the 30" inch golf umbrella and not just for the large area for branding it offers. This size means you can actually get more than one person underneath it, what more could all those of us that still believe in romance ask for!

Take a look at our Personalisation Methods page to find out more about the types of print we offer on umbrellas.

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