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Personalisation Method

Single Panel Printing

Screen printing is the most effective, way to print your umbrellas; it is both fast and economical.

This process is best suited for images that incorporate "spot colours", as dense vibrant colours can be imprinted to your umbrella panels and matched perfectly to your Pantone specifications if necessary.

The screen panel printing process requires a screen stencil to be made which is what the 'origination' charges are for. An editable EPS file containing your required design image needs to be sent to us when your order is placed so that the stencils can be produced. These artwork files can be kept on file for repeated orders, which can reduce the price of the origination next time you order your umbrella.

Ink is passed through the stencil directly to the umbrella panel which is subsequently cured to produce the image and lock your logo permanently on your umbrella. This process can be done by hand or machine printing depending on the design.


 Full Panel Printing


Dye Sublimation is a process that can be used on white polyester based materials only; however this digital process literally offers a "Blank canvas" to work with and can be an easier option for very low order quantities.

The full panel printing process allows high resolution and fine detail printing onto your umbrellas. Firstly, your image is applied to a "transfer" paper via a digital printing press. Your image is then applied to the polyester material at a temperature over 200°C which simultaneously as opening several layers of the fabric the dye literally is transferred and "sublimated" below the material surface to ensure your logo in perfectly dyed and permanently printed.

The full panel printing process can also be used to close colour match to most specified shades, which your logo design requires, including Pantone references.

The results are stunning and ideal if you require highly detailed logos or full colour photographic and digital images on your umbrella.


 Engraved Handle


A metal band is engraved by craftsmen and placed around the handle of the umbrella. These make sure your umbrellas look at their best quality. Engraving is the best choice when personalising metal handles because it looks of a higher standard and really stands out. Please allow a 3-4 week lead time for this.


Decal Insert


A domed decal bespoke printed, can be inserted into a recess in the handle of your umbrellas; this can look very colourful and eye-catching. This is a good position on an umbrella to promote your brand, as the user is looking at this while they walk down the street, while the rest of the street look at the canopy print.


Printed Tie Wrap


Our Umbrellas all come with a tie wrap that keeps the entire umbrella wrapped up when not in use. You can choose to print your logo on this area on most of our umbrellas, just ask when enquiring. This area is a great place to get your logo noticed by the user, as they pay close attention when they but the umbrella away.


Sleeve Printing


For our umbrellas that come with sleeves, the umbrella sleeve can be printed with your logo to make sure that your brand is promoted when the umbrella is put away and not in use.


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